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Days of the London 2012 Olympic Legacy


Remembering the victims of the attack on Charlie Hebdo


During 2013 two documents have appeared in the public domain thanks to the Association of British Athletics Clubs (ABAC) which reveal England Athletics and UK Athletics, two publicly funded organisations to be authoritarian and institutionally racist:


Click Here to download this report as a PDF file.


Authoritarian - Compliance Document - October 2013
England Athletics indicate that they will be using the rankings and results systems to identify athletes who are not registered as having paid the athletics tax.

Clubs will be notified of the offending athlete with a demand for payment. Failure to meet the tax demand will result in the athlete being removed from ranking lists. Public humiliation is intended as the first of several sanctions. The compliance document also reveals how elite athletes who have not paid the athletics tax, will have their records adjusted to indicate they have paid. This falsehood is intended to avoid the embarrassment caused by high profile athletes being excluded from the rankings.

Traditionally athletic clubs turn a blind eye to non payment of subscriptions by the very keen young athletes. For an athletics club, enthusiasm and positive energy from young athletes have huge currency. UKA and England Athletics undermine the sport’s traditional culture of effort being rewarded by support. Often a coach or team manager will pay the subscription of a younger club member suffering financial hardship. Clubs could once absorb these athletes financially because most of the costs were borne by the voluntary nature of the sport.

The compliance document also reveals how competition organisers are being targeted to assist in excluding poorer athletes. The compliance document states: “As soon as an entry is made by an unregistered athlete a report is generated and automatically informs the Membership Services Team”. The authoritarian tone continues: “This will be real time policing without any need for additional work by the event organiser”.

UK Athletics and England Athletics surely have no concept of what athletics is all about. The sport has only become so expensive because these quangos exist and are determined to keep their gravy train rolling.

Download the full compliance policy document from:



Racist - An independent review of Coach Education Delivery by England Athletics
Since UK Sport and Sport England foisted UKA and England Athletics onto us all, coach education has become shambolic. The review into this coaching shambles received feedback from England Athletics tutors and in paragraph 57 said: "Often tutors are not able to handle the London culture, and seem scared of candidates, especially on courses run in deprived areas. Many tutors are very traditional and 'stand out like foreigners' when delivering on London courses".

The quangos deliver mountains of paper lecturing decent people about equal opportunities and racial awareness. Clearly they have a tick box culture with no grasp of the values underpinning their own words. Prior to 1998, no sport in the UK performed better than athletics in promoting racial harmony. Athletics does not need to take lectures from these quango’s on racial equality and diversity. It is UK Athletics and England Athletics who have created this culture where professional coaches “seem scared of candidates”.

Download the full independent review of Coach Education Delivery by England Athletics from:



In late 1997 The British Athletics Federation fell into bankruptcy. Government agencies, UK Sport and Sport England, presenting themselves as saviours, implemented a full scale take over of athletics. Initially £300,000 of "support" was offered to establish UK Athletics as a new governing body, controlled by the department for culture media and sport. The true intentions of the government agencies were revealed in 2004, when Sir Andrew Foster, a paid employee of Sport England, produced what was disgracefully claimed to be an independent review into athletics in the UK.

It was far from independent. Sport England together with UK Sport carved athletics into two distinct parts to dovetail with their own objectives.

Sport England took charge of the grass roots of the sport seeking to exploit the free labour of a large number of athletics volunteers. The intention was to use athletics to address social issues such as youth crime, the fight against heart disease and increase the sporting opportunities offered to people with disabilities.

Meanwhile UK Sport took responsibility for elite performance. The commercial rights to the sport were effectively stolen from the clubs (AAA’s Championships) and placed into the pockets of UK Athletics and England Athletics directors who were now able to pay themselves wages up to a quarter of a million pounds per annum, for roles which had previously been carried out more effectively by volunteers.

It has now been 15 years since UK Sport and Sport England took charge of British Athletics. The best way to understand the decline is to compare the performances of the 50th ranked male marathon runner. Fifteen years prior to the government takeover he ran the 26.2 mile distance in 2:17.42 (source Peter Matthews UK Statistics over the years). Fifteen years after the government takeover he ran ten minutes slower in a time of 2:28.53 (source The Power of Ten rankings website).

As the saying goes, when you are in a hole, the best action is to stop digging. Instead our publicly funded governing body, UK Athletics just love creating new laws. They have now stopped thirteen and fourteen year old boys from racing one lap around an athletics track [UKA Rule 107(vii)]. This simple yet devastating rule change represents the true 2012 Olympic legacy.


Wednesday, 27th November 2013

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