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The British Athletics Diary is now an automated process which relies on the person submitting the event details to be as accurate as possible.

The information that you submit about your event can be as brief or as detailed as you wish. The only fields that we require be entered are marked with the words (Compulsory Field).

Event Title              (Compulsory Field)
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Geographical Area              (Compulsory Field)
Select the Geographical Areas in which your event takes place:

If your event has a wide catchment area, after you have submitted this form, you can use the BACK button on your browser, change the geographical area as required, and resubmit your event. If you do resubmit this event for an additional geographical area switch the Single Submission to No.
Single Submission
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Competition Date              (Compulsory Field)
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Start Time
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Entry Fee
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A £ sign will be automatically inserted at the front, so please start with the cost (without a £), followed by any comment. Example:
2.00 per event or 5.00 (attached)
Alternative Entry Fee
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5.00 (Unattached) or 3.00 (Fun Run)
Link to your own web page
If you have a web page for your event, type the full address:
Postal Entries
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Telephone Number of the organiser
Facsimile Number of the organiser
Email Contact              (Compulsory Field)
Email address for further information:
Format Your Information (Create a timetable of events)
If your event is working with a timetable (such as a track & field open meeting), select the following option as Yes and use the following fields:
If your event is a single running race, accept the No, and bypass the next section of columns.


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